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Scuola ESGE

Gastroenterology Unit of Maggiore Hospital in Crema hosts the ESGE (European Society of Gastroeintestinal Endoscopy) Endoscopy school Fellowship grants are being offered by ESGE to fully trained endoscopists wishing to undertake further training in highly specialised endoscopic techniques at an officially recognised ESGE training centre. ESGE Grants include two modules:‘Basic Training with Experts’, ‘Training with Experts’.??Application is available to ESGE individual members. ESGE individual members are eligible to apply online for ESGE Fellowship Grants.
Module I – ‘Basic Training with Experts’The grantee receives training on basic steps and specific techniques. The duration of this grant is up to a maximum of four weeks depending on the ESGE training centre and techniques studied. Hands-on training is not offered for module I grants. Module II – ‘Advanced Training with Experts’Grantees may apply for Module II after successfully completing a Module I Grant. A recommendation from the Module I host is required. Module II grants last from three to six months depending on the number of procedures involved and on the field of expertise of the host training centre. Grantees may expect hands-on training on specific techniques during this period.